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Ptosis- Drooping Eyelid

What is ptosis? Ptosis (pronounced toe-sis, the p is silent), is a drooping eyelid.  When the eyelids sag downward. What causes ptosis? Drooping eyelids can be caused by several things. Aging. The most common form is from aging.  As we age, the muscle which lifts the eyelid slowly detaches from the cartilage plate in the […]

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What is a “Premium” Lens?

There used to be just one choice of lens implanted when cataract surgery was performed.  Now, there are several options for those undergoing cataract surgery. The standard, or traditional, lens is a lens which replaces your natural lens, but it can only be set at one focal point, and does not account for astigmatism. IF you […]

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Lens Implants during Cataract Surgery

Why is a new lens implanted during cataract surgery? Cataract surgery removes the cataract in your eye by breaking up the lens and removing it with a machine powered by ultrasound called phacoemulsification.  Since the cataract is simply your own lens which has become cloudy, your lens is in fact being removed during the surgery.  […]

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