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What is a “Premium” Lens?

There used to be just one choice of lens implanted when cataract surgery was performed.  Now, there are several options for those undergoing cataract surgery.

The standard, or traditional, lens is a lens which replaces your natural lens, but it can only be set at one focal point, and does not account for astigmatism.

IF you have no astigmatism…

That means, that if you have little or no astigmatism this standard lens will work well for you, but only at one distance.  If the power of the lens is chosen for “distance”, you will be able to drive, watch tv, see people clearly when they are more than a few feet away.  You won’t need glasses for this.  But if you want to read a book, use your cell phone, or work on the computer, you will need reading glasses.

IF you have astigmatism…..

The standard lens will still work for you, but you will need glasses at all distances.  If this idea works for your lifestyle, then you should opt for the standard lens.  Your vision will still be much better without the cataract in your way.

FOR even clearer vision with astigmatism…..

The Toric lens would be a better choice. This is considered a “premium” lens.  It does cost more and is not covered by insurance.  The Toric lenses will correct your astigmatism, and you will not need glasses for distance vision, for driving, watching tv, walking, ect.  You will only need reading glasses, or computer glasses.  This will be your clearest vision choice.

BUT WAIT, there is still another option……..

If you want to be 80% free of glasses, and have no other eye problems such as dry eye, macular degeneration, glaucoma, there is a lens which will do this. This is also considered a “premium” lens.  It is a multi-focal lens.  That means it will focus both at near and far.  The premium lens used by Dr. Velotta is the Restor lens, made by Alcon.  It has several rings in the lens which allow light to be focused for both near and far.  You should know,  if you are going to read for a long time, you may still need reading glasses, that’s why it’s not 100% guarantee glasses free ( those types of guarantees are unrealistic when working with a living system).  These lenses do work well, but they are not for everyone.  Also, the premium lenses are not covered by insurance, so you need to talk to your doctor about which lens is right for you and your lifestyle.

Thouroughly confused?

Call to make an appointment with Dr. Velotta and she will discuss and recommend a lens that works well for you.

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