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Comprehensive eye exams

Dr. Velotta performs exams for adults.  The initial exam includes:

    • Vision evaluation
    • Eye alignment assessment
    • Glaucoma screening
    • Cataract screening
    • Assessment of the optic nerve and retina

Diabetic Eye Exams

  • All diabetics should be checked every year, due to risk of retinal bleeding and swelling

Macular Degeneration Retinal Exam

  • We now have Optical Coherence Tomography which can scan the retina and under the retina for earlier detection of changes in macular degeneration

Glaucoma Assessment and Treatment

    • Vision evaluation
    • Visual field testing
    • Intraocular pressure testing
    • Drainage system and optic nerve exam
    • Computerized evaluation of nerve fiber layer

Dry eye Assessment

Dr. Velotta will run several tests to find the type of dry eye you are experiencing and give tips on how to deal with this difficult condition.

Treatment for acute eye injuries

Cataract surgery

Dr Velotta offers traditional single vision, monovision, Toric for astigmatism, and Restor© premium lenses for both distance and near vision improvement.

Eyelid surgery

We treat many eyelid diseases such as removal of eyelid skin cancer and  chalazion removal.

Pterygium removal

Retinal laser surgery

After-cataract laser surgery

*****See our Focused on Healing page for more information!

Medication Cost Assistance

This online resource of pharmaceutical assistance programs was created by EyeCare America, a public service foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, for the use of physicians and their patients to help obtain ophthalmic drug assistance for patients in need.