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Eyelid biopsy


1. Notify the ophthalmologist of any use of blood thinners including aspirin, coumadin, plavix, ibuprofen, alleve, ect.  Discuss with your ophthalmologist or primary care doctor about possibly stopping any blood thinning medications.  Do not stop medications on your own.  These need to be stopped between 1-2 weeks prior to surgery to prevent bleeding.

2. Eat a smaller meal than usual

3. Wear comfortable clothing.



1. Most procedures can be done in office.

2. Numbing medication will be given in drops, gel, and usually an injection as well.  Only the area for the surgery is numbed.  This will last 3-8 hours after surgery.

3. The skin is washed and a tissue biopsy is taken, or if small enough, the whole area of skin with the lesion is removed.  Sometimes stitches need to be placed, which are usually removed in 1 week.

4. Antibiotic ointment will be placed over the area, and sometimes a bandage is placed.

5. Occasionally, the eye is patched.



1. Do not rub the eye or the area of the surgery.

2. Keep the skin dry. Do not soak the area with water.

3. An antibiotic will be given to prevent infection.

4. Bleeding, pain, decreased vision should be reported to the eye doctor immediately.

5. Often, blood tinged tears are seen. This is normal.  The eye may feel scratchy as well, this is also normal.

6. A biopsy will be sent to the laboratory for analysis. This may take a week to get the results back. The doctor will call you with your results.


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