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Cataract Pre-Operative Instructions

Pre-operative Visit

We will take measurements for the lens implant for your eye and discuss any questions regarding the surgery you might have.  Also, if you have significant astigmatism or want near or far correction, make sure to discuss your options with the doctor.  There are special lenses now on the market which can improve your vision even further after cataract surgery.  These lenses include Alcon Toric and Restor lenses.  Another option is called monovision.  This means one eye is corrected for distance and one eye is more nearsighted.  This is generally only recommended for current monovision patients though, because your brain has to adapt to this type of vision. Some people are not able to make this adaptation.  Dr. Velotta will recommend a lens that is right for you.

One – Two weeks Prior to Cataract Surgery

You need to contact your primary care physiscian and schedule a physical.  A physical is required by anesthesia within 30 days of surgery.  Also an EKG and Chest x-ray if it has not been done within the last 1 year.  Your physician will most likely also check your bllod counts prior to surgery as well.  If you are a diabetic, discuss the amount of insulin or medication you should take the morning of surgery.

Four Days Prior to Cataract Surgery

Start your eye drops that have been prescribed in the operative eye.  An antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory drop have been prescribed by Dr. Velotta.

One Day Prior to Cataract Surgery

Take all your medications except those changed by your primary care doctor. Do not eat or drink anything past midnight.

Day of Cataract Surgery

You may take your medications with a sip of water.  You do not need to take your eye drops that morning.  You will get drops at the hospital.  Wear comfortable clothing.  Usually you will arrive at the hospital 2 hours prior to your surgery time.  You will get an IV and many eye drops.  It takes an hour for the eye to be ready for the surgery.  You must have a driver to be able to drive you home from the hospital.

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