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Treatment for Ptosis (Drooping Eyelids)


Depending on the cause of the drooping, the treatment varies.


If there is an underlying muscular or neurologic cause, treatment will most likely be focused on that cause.  Myasthenia gravis is treated with a medication and follow-up with a neurologist.  A stroke will need to be treated by a primary care physician, a tumor or aneurysm may need neurosurgical intervention emergently.


If the drooping is due to the muscle attachment weakening in the eyelid, or a mechanical obstruction to lifting the eyelid, this can be repaired with eyelid surgery.  Also, if a child is born with a drooping eyelid and it is interfering with vision, this can be repaired with surgery.  For more information on what to expect for the surgery, click here.


If there is no interference with vision, ptosis can simply be monitored for changes.  But for double vision, pain, or sudden onset, we recommend an evaluation by Dr. Velotta.


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